Harper Lake 

The Aqua Dock is located on 78 Acre all sports Harper Lake. Fisherman can expect bluegill, brown trout, large mouth bass, northern pike, rock bass, and yellow perch. There is a public access launch and guests are welcome to dock their boats at the cottage during their stay. Adult and children poles are available in the beach side shed. Take the canoe out for an early morning fishing trip or cast the poles straight off the dock.

The Little Manistee River

The 20 mile stretch of the Little Manistee River that runs from Irons to Lake Michigan is famous for steelhead. In the stretch of river between Six Mile & Nine Mile bridge in particular, the water slows with longer and deeper pools making it a favorite among anglers for steelhead and large brown trout. 

The Little Manistee River Weir

Though fishing is not permitted near the weir, it is a fun place to visit to get a look at the large fish of the Little Manistee River up close! The weir is put in place in the spring and fall to block all fish running up stream.  During these runs visitors can observe trout, salmon, and steelhead swimming up stream from the observation deck, jumping up the damn into the ladders, and down into the holding tanks.  

In the Spring (typically the first two weeks of March - Mid April depending on weather), the weir is put in place to harvest steehead eggs. Once the DNR reaches the quota of eggs. they open the weir gates allowing the steelhead to continue up stream. 

In the Fall (typically Aug 15th - November 15th depending on weather), the weir is put in place to harvest not only chinook salmon eggs but also all salmon (coho, chinook, rarely pink). The steelhead and browm trout that make it into the holding tanks are counted and let on their way. If you visit during the week, you may be able to observe the egg harvesting process up close.